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For over four decades, Shilputsi has been at the forefront of revolutionising HR solutions with a unique perspective that blends cultural sensitivity, innovation and strategic insight.

Established by a visionary trailblazer Ms.Pratibha Sheth, Shilputsi embarked on a remarkable journey 45 years ago, introducing globalised HR solutions to navigate culture-specific challenges in India. Today, that transformative legacy continues to thrive as her daughter, Ms. Purvi Sheth takes the reins, ushering in a new era of cutting-edge HR solutions for their esteemed clients.

Our success story is built upon enduring relationships cultivated through years of unwavering guidance and unwavering support. We cherish the trust our clients place in us and take pride in being their dependable partners. These enduring partnerships bear testament to our dedication to being the bedrock of reliability in the ever-evolving landscape of HR solutions.

Partner with us in shaping the future of HR, where belief meets innovation and partnerships flourish. Discover the power of a holistic approach with Shilputsi – where pioneering and innovative HR solutions converge.

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With an innovative mindset and all-encompassing services, Shilputsi collaborates with organisations across various industries and niches. We specialise in crafting practical solutions that not only address culture-specific challenges but also pave the way for future success through talent and processes.

No matter your organisational type or industry, Shilputsi is dedicated to shaping your journey towards excellence and prosperity.

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It has been 45 years since Shilputsi was established by the first woman in her domain offering globalised HR solutions to address culture-specific HR matters in India. Today, her dynamic legacy is carried forward by her daughter to lead a second generation of providing innovative HR solutions to globally-acclaimed corporations and stand as the leading strategic HR advisory & execution partner!

Shilputsi Consultants is a comprehensive HR consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to address various Strategic HR & Talent challenges. This includes strategic advice and guidance to organisations on HR-related matters to designing and delivering training programs to leadership development to executive search and selection. Shilputsi Consultants also helps organisations select and implement HR technologies and software solutions to streamline HR processes and enhance efficiency. Shilputsi has the ability to provide temporary HR professionals or consultants to fill in for key HR roles during periods of transition. Additionally, Shilputsi's services address the unique needs of family-owned or family-managed businesses. Shilputsi is also able to help organisations align their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals with their HR strategies and practices.
Shilputsi has become a leading HR consulting firm in India, specialising in Strategic Human Resource Development Consulting. We provide tailored HR solutions to organisations across various industries, including global companies. Our expertise spans from software to footwear, serving retail, manufacturing, consumer and B2B sectors. With a partner network across India, the USA, Europe and Asia, Shilputsi offers personalised services with rapid execution.
India's first integrated HR consulting firm was founded by the late Mrs. Pratibha Sheth. Her pioneering work in offering HR solutions to address culture-specific HR matters in India was undoubtedly groundbreaking. She was later joined by her husband, the late Mr. Tarun Sheth. Together, their vision and dedication have made a significant impact on the field of human resource management in the country.

Shilputsi's journey from its inception to becoming one of the pioneering strategic HR consulting companies in India is a testament to their commitment and innovative approach to providing HR solutions to globally acclaimed corporations. Their contribution to talent and human resource management is indeed commendable and it's a reminder of the valuable role women-led organisations can play in driving change and innovation in various industries.